Lose Fat, Tame The Sugar Dragon, And Reclaim Your Health With The Keto Diet

(Even If You Feel Like You’ve Been A Prisoner In An Overweight Body For Most Of Your Life...) 


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Let's be honest. Traditional dieting just doesn't work.  

We all start out with good intentions, but along the way, we get distracted or discouraged.  

If you're serious about achieving your health and fat loss goals, you need a different approach.  

Stick with me here…  

I’m going to tell you about a way of eating that has helped more people succeed with fat loss than ANY other approach... 

Hi, I’m Robb Wolf! 

I'm a former research biochemist, author of two New York Times best selling health and wellness books, and someone whose spoken for companies like Square, Twitter, NASA and consulted with Naval Special Warfare. And I can assure you...  

Even if you’ve tried every diet under the sun…  

Even if you’re afraid to try something else for fear of failing again…  

You CAN get the results you want!  

But...I understand how you feel. 

I struggled with health and just not feeling good for years…  

You see, for most of my life I was in a fog. I was tired, lethargic, and I couldn’t think clearly.  

Oh and I had terrible, terrible acne…  

So, in my early 20’s, like any good college kid looking to improve his health, I became vegan.  

Strict vegan. And I got really sick…  

Nauseous, hard to eat, stomach pains…  

I had high blood pressure and high triglycerides…  

But I wasn’t fat...  

In fact, I was deathly skinny. I’d lost 40 lbs due to malabsorption.  

My hair was falling out and my nails were split...  

...I was so sick in fact that my doctor wanted to do a bowel resection.  

It was at that point that I stumbled on the low carb way of eating.  

I was literally sitting on my back porch asking myself “what are humans meant to eat?’  

I went inside and got on the computer...waited for the dial up (this was 1998) and entered the following into this newfangled search engine called “Google”:  

“Paleolithic diet”  

That search changed my life…  

...not to mention the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who have bought my books and listened to my podcast.  

You see, once I figured out how our modern world of hyper-palatable, processed foods were derailing my own health I was able to help others change their lives with nutrition (for 20+ years!)...  

...And a ketogenic diet has been one of the most valuable tools I’ve ever found to help people achieve their health goals and live better lives.  

Like Jess...(see her email to the right ->>)  

Here’s the thing with keto…  

It’s easier than any other diet to stay on plan... Because it naturally helps you to: 

Banish Cravings The keto way of eating is so satisfying that it will conquer those intense cravings 

Make “Hangry” A Thing Of The Past Keto’s lack of hunger pangs means you can say goodbye to nights of ransacking the cabinets to whip up a midnight snack instead of sleeping peacefully.  

Shed Fat (For Good) If you’ve been overweight for much of your life, keto is perhaps the MOST effective way to finally lose the weight for good. 

Simplify Eating Get your go-to keto foods, dial in a little meal prep, and BAM all the stress of what to eat is gone.  

Here’s the thing with keto…  

It’s easier than any other diet to stay on plan... Because it naturally helps you to: 


Now, if you’ve poked around online about keto, you’ve probably heard some conflicting ideas of what it is... 

It’s all fat! Butter in your coffee… Just take ketone supplements and you’ll get into ketosis... You need to eat fat bombs and MCT oil... You can’t eat any carbs.  

...Or maybe you’re already doing keto, but have stalled or aren’t making the progress you thought you’d make.

Truth is, there is a ton of misinformation online about the keto diet…  

...and it won’t just waste your time and sanity but it’ll keep you from getting the results possible with keto.  

That’s why I created Keto Masterclass.  

Think of Keto Masterclass as your personal keto mentor… 

“I think I know what my macros should be but I still have so many questions…”  

“I need a keto mentor to explain things to me from the beginning…”  

“I’m doing keto, but not losing weight the way other people are…”  

“I know the basics of keto but just have so many questions and want to do this right…”  

Any of the above sound like you?  

Listen, there is an overwhelming amount of keto info online…  

But it’s not easy to sort out the good from the bad…  

Fact is, there is a TON of nuance to doing keto right. And I cover it all in Keto Masterclass...

With Keto Masterclass You Get: 

  • 13 video modules instructed by yours truly 
  • Step-by-step actionable course workbook you can save and fill out on your computer or print to fill in by hand 
  • Shopping list and approved food lists from experienced keto people. The best sources of food to hit your macros (yes, it’s not just hitting your macro #, the type of food matters for success too!)
  • A workout plan to complement keto for fast results (dare I say “shredded”)—easily adapted for any fitness level even if you have injuries you need to work around. 
  • Strategies for navigating the social minefield: How to enjoy family dinners, pot lucks, date nights, etc., even if you feel like a social outcast when you can't partake AND how to avoid feeling like a failure when you do partake.  
  • Detailed walk through to make sure your macros are accurate and that you’re getting adequate electrolytes. Avoid progress-stopping things like “keto flu” and wrong macros (all online macro calculators are not created equal—one yields great results, the others...not so much). 
  • Easy “go to” meal plans that simplify your life. Perfect for prepping your week or for those nights you get home late with absolutely no desire to make a recipe with a long list of ingredients
  • Tips to sleep better (naturally!) so that you’re not plagued by extreme hunger. How to get more zzz’s to regulate hunger and promote fat loss  
  • PLUS! Checklists, visual guides, and printable extra downloads (stuff you’ll want to post to your fridge!) 

See what others have to say...

13 Modules With Over 3 Hours Of Video Content

128-Page Workbook To Guide Your 45 Day Keto Kickstart

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Discover how to do keto the right way…to use your body's stored fat for energy.  

(Yep, you’d be shocked how many simple ways there are to mess keto up if you don’t know what you’re doing! And that means effort with no reward...no one wants that)  

Don’t get held up with progress stoppers—like keto flu and fat loss plateaus—that are easily avoidable with Keto Masterclass  

You’ll get full access to Keto Masterclass...

Plus, THREE exclusive bonuses (and many more surprises inside...):

  • Your Blood Work and You ($17 value) Exclusive interview with lipidologist Dr. William Cromwell on how to get the full story on our blood work and watch for things like insulin resistance or pre-diabetes
  • Keto and Traumatic Brain Injury ($15 value) How a ketogenic diet can improve negative effects of Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Cholesterol and Keto: What you need to know ($19 value) Understand what your numbers mean and how keto can affect them. A powerful tool to have in your pocket. 

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But I bet you’ll follow Keto Masterclass far beyond 45 days….  

It will become a way of eating that’s second nature for you.  

Look at one Keto Masterclass student, Adam, he’s now on day 55 and going strong—about to break through a goal weight he’d all but given up on (despite being keto prior to purchasing Keto Masterclass)!  

The information he learned from Keto Masterclass is helping him finally unlock the doors of the prison he was in—the prison of being trapped in an overweight body.  

Day 55…that’s just 0.89 cents per day!  

And I have no doubt we’ll be hearing from Adam again in a couple more months.  

I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes.  

Just like I can’t wait to see what you accomplish...  

Get “No Risk” Results! 

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll get results with Keto Masterclass I’ve removed all the risk. 

If you don’t love the program just email me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.  

If I can’t help you, it wouldn’t be right to keep a penny of your money…  

Once you sign up, you get unlimited lifetime access from wherever you are, so you can get started any time, at your own pace, with or without pants (I won’t tell!).  

Make today the day you took action to change your life forever.  

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Remember, that’s just $1.08 per day, or .89 cents per day…or…fractional cents per day if you make this a true lifelong way of eating.  

Still have questions about the value of what you’re getting with Keto Masterclass? See what others have to say:  

Get lifetime access to Keto Masterclass now for only $49 (regularly $139.97)

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